Oh, by Gosh, by Golly

An Evergreen Celebration of the Season

Oh, by Gosh, by Golly: An Evergreen Celebration of the Season!

This season’s repertoire is focused upon botanical life especially associated with the winter holidays: holly, ivy, evergreen trees, mistletoe, and even a Christmas “rose”!  To remain “evergreen” throughout the darkest (and often bitterly cold) time of year, reflects resilience, hope and newness of life, even amid adversity! At such a time as this, when there is so much conflict and strife, both nationally and around the globe, what a gift it is to pause in gratitude for nature’s reminders that we can continue to thrive, no matter the circumstances! Of course, these living creations are greatly celebrated in our houses of worship today. In fact, many churches feature early Advent services centered around “ceremonial decorating”, referred to as the “Hanging of the Green”. Although the tradition of decorating a tree predates the Christian era, much rich theological and symbolic significance is attached to the presence of greenery and holly berries, as relating to the story of Christ and his sacrificial death, and these connections are explored in a few of our selections, The Holly and the Ivy, and Now the Holly Bears a Berry. Whether you are drawn into to the deeper meanings of greenery and winter plant life, or simply revel and marvel in this vibrantly colorful tapestry of natural life around us, we hope you will be refreshed and renewed as you experience these many musical genres, including traditional English/German carols, both classic and contemporary pop, gospel swing, ragtime, and madrigal, along with other unique current choral styles. Now. . . It’s time for mistletoe and holly!

  • Michael Dell